ScoreShare shares scores and sends sounds to specific spots.

ScoreShare is a utility for sending music (scores and sounds) to specific people, specifically to answer calls for scores and the like. It's basically a Personal Composition Repository and Distribution System.

How does it work?

ScoreShare is built to hold completed musical works or other files that seldom change. These files are attached to a specific composition or collection record within ScoreShare, so that when the time comes to submit your cool new string quartet to a prospective performer, all you have to do is create a new delivery within ScoreShare that includes your quartet. Our automated system sends the file information to the intended recipient, and handles temporary download links to protect your music.

The Technology behind ScoreShare

ScoreShare is part of Liszt, a proprietary musician application built by NoteForge for its own use. Over its six years of development, we realized that some of the things we built for us might be useful for you. Tracking performances, sending invoices, keeping track of documents, lesson planning, Liszt does it all for us. And we hope that soon, Liszt can do it all for you.

Here's some technical information about Liszt.